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Hi! I'm a studious swede who enjoys drawing when I'm not busy with school.

I'm very nerdy when it comes to Harry Potter and Psychonauts and Lord of the rings etc, so you'll definitely find some fanart here. :)

Let this make your day, your week, your month, or even your yeeaaar:…


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Neosay by Rovaa
I've been making some daily 20-minute sketches, just before I go to sleep. I frequently have these nightmares and I'm testing to see if drawing might help. Wanted to try posting through the app.

This one took longer than 20 min, had some extra time. It's one of my neopets, Neosay the aisha.
Felt like drawing some sugoi hair on a kawaii something, so there. :)
Discord! by Rovaa
I've meant to draw Discord for a long time, all the different parts make him a fun an diversified character to draw. :)

I'm curious about the upcoming season. I didn't really like the 4th, it wasn't nearly as good as seasons 1 and 2 and, well, the stories made me feel like they've started to run out of ideas. Yawn  Too bad since what appeals the most to me (apart from the all-female heroes! :XD:) is the originality of the show. It feels like they've started to stretch it, instead of wrapping up neatly while things are still working out. Any case I'm still looking forward to it, to see how things unfold. :)
Korra by Rovaa
Yay Korra! :Bummies: I only started watching The Legend of Korra this summer actually, because I didn't really like it when it started. I missed The Last Airbender too much I guess, and it wasn't the same thing, obviously. But I still felt compelled to watch it, eventually.

I didn't even like Korra at first! I thought she was too exaggerated, ignorant and frankly annoying. She and the rest of the show grew on me with time though and I finished it a couple of weeks ago. I like how she was broken down a bit later on, it gave her a chance to be a bit vulnerable and more.. human? It really changed her character for the better.

Now, I'm super proud with how she turned out! :D Water is awesome to draw, it's a challenge but if it turns out cool and realistic enough I get really happy with myself.
Sherlock Holmes and John Watson by Rovaa
Sherlock Holmes and John Watson
I've been watching Sherlock Sherlock Holmesand it's just so good! Incredibly funny, clever, sweet and a bit scary. Sherlock Smile 

Couldn't help myself from making a sketch of these two blokes.  :) I'm quite pleased with it but there's definitely room for improvement, especially with the eyes.. I find eyes to be surprisingly difficult to get right. But if you squint just a little it looks much better, I promise.
Hermione by Rovaa
Hermione is definitely one of my favourite characters ever. I was around six years old when I started reading the books, and Hermione (luckily!) made a big imprint on me. My last semester in high school starts in a couple of weeks, and throughout my school years she's been with me and taught me the importance of education and hard work.

Through education and hard work I've travelled the country and across the globe, I've earned money, I've had fun, and I've become pretty smart. Hermione rocks and so do I. wink grin

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